The Worcester Alliance

On behalf of Worcester Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (WAASE), Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. (Spectrum) is leading A Ray of Light, a new project to build a system of support for women involved in sex trafficking. It uses a train-the-trainer approach to develop and provide evidence-based training and key resources to members of WAASE in order to better identify and respond to victims and survivors of sex trafficking in our local community. The goals of A Ray of Light are (1) to build a sustainable network of agencies capable of identifying and responding to victims and survivors in Greater Worcester and (2) to engage, motivate and connect women involved in sex trafficking to a growing network of appropriate programs and services.

This Memoradum of Understanding (MOU) is created to formally outline the roles and responsibilities of Spectrum and the members of the Alliance for the A Ray of Light project.

Spectrum agrees to:

  • Provide training agency staff on sex trafficking including protocols/procedures for following-up with potential victims and survivors, the WAASE community alliance and meeting a range of needs.
  • Provide support/technical assistance for future A Ray of Light trainings.
  • Assemble and update a Resource Guide of trained referral agencies.
  • Provide form for data collection.
  • Evaluate data assess need for additional resources.
  • Report on A Ray of Light progress at WAASE quarterly meetings.
  • Participating agencies agree to:
  • Identify a trainer or trainers receive training on working with victims and survivors of sex trafficking.
  • Establish plans for staff training and skills development.
  • Establish plans identify, assess, and respond victims/survivors of sex trafficking.
  • Provide services victims and survivors of sex trafficking.
  • Establish mechanisms for referrals and data collection.
  • Send representative WAASE quarterly meetings.

WAASE members will meet quarterly to discuss relevant progress, issues and concerns and report on the organization's progress. As of 5/16/2014, the following organizations have signed the MOU:

Click here to download a copy of the Spectrum-MOU-2014.

If your organization is interested in being a co-signer on the MOU, please contact